A Fast, Secure WiFi Connection is Expected

Regardless of the business your in or your venue; customers, visitors, staff, services and equipment expect a stable and secure WiFi connection to be available.  Being able to connect laptops, tablets, phones, Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire sticks and a host of other devices is no longer considered an bonus, it is an expected service.

A poor or absent WiFi will negatively reflect on your business! Consider this, are you more likely to comment to friends, colleagues or in reviews about good or bad WiFi? When booking a hotel,  guest house, a social or business venue would you be discouraged by reviews complaining about their connectivity?

Don’t attract negative comments like these about your business!

How Can QosCore Help Meet This Expectation?

There’s no “on size fits all” as each site and customer have very different and unique requirements.  Below are some examples of how different business can benefit from a managed wireless solution. We are an experienced Ubiquiti Unifi contractor.

QosCore Managed Office Wifi

Offices and Business Premises

In offices and other types of business premises a strong and secure WiFi setup allow for a seamless mobility for staff and visitors to collaborate while maintaining separation and security from the company’s core assets.  As part of a wider network management strategy this can significantly reduce the attack surface presented to an unauthorised user or device.

Business and Social Venues

Meeting an social venues present a high number of attendees that need to connect simultaneously.  This environment requires a wireless setup that can deliver  a consistent connection to all users and load balance their connections over multiple access points.  Users expect to be able to access online assets or services, stream audio and video without interruption.  Provide each delegation a dedicated and private service separated from your business and each other.


It doesn’t matter if your guests are staying for business ore pleasure, if they are working from their room or streaming videos from Netflix, Amazon or YouTube, they all have one thing in common – they expect this to work flawlessly and to be sure other guest can’t see their devices on the network.  You can provide this assurance without restricting their access to the services they need to access..

Guest houses and B&Bs

Many Guest houses and B&Bs advertise as providing WiFi.  Often this is delivered from the router supplied by the Internet service provider supplemented by boosters plugged in around the property providing an unreliable and generally poor user experience.  There is little or no isolation between the business owner and their guests, which in turn raises a number of security concerns for both the owner and their customers.  See this link from littlehotelier.com for more info 5 Important Wifi Myths Your B&B Needs To Dispel 

Sports Clubs and Outdoor Spaces

Whether at the bar or cheering on the game, your attendees want to be able to connect to the internet to share victories or events they have experienced at your club! They expect to be able to access their social media, blog, email or other internet resource to record the moment as it happens.  Extend your WiFi out of the building to where it’s needed to let them promote your facility through their passion!  We can enable your crowd do this wherever they are on your site  

Our WiFi services are remotely configured, maintained and monitored for quality and connectivity.  Our engineers can advise on how you can best deliver services the fit your needs exactly, call today to discuss your circumstances.